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8 Tips for Better Mobile Application Security

March 15, 2019, Reposted from CAREY WODEHOUSE

Mobile devices allow us to do nearly everything online—from anywhere, at any time. We can do our banking, track our fitness, control Internet of Things devices in our homes, shop, and even work remotely. Driving this mobile productivity are a multitude of mobile apps—software that connect to APIs and servers around the world to deliver data, services, and, ultimately, value and convenience to users.

But this all has to happen under a cloak of well-engineered security or companies risk jeopardizing their apps, their own system, their customers’ information, and their reputations. Because where digital activity thrives, hackers aren’t far behind.

Apps and mobile devices are big targets for malicious activity. Arxan Technology’s 2016 State of App Security reported that 90% of apps surveyed had at least 2/10 of OWASP’s major security risks. Arxan also reported that around 50% of organizations haven’t allocated any spending toward mobile app security—a pretty big discrepancy when you consider the risks of not securing a mobile app.

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